Sunday, 16 February 2014

Welcome to Nouveau Croix

The trendification of New Cross continues apace, with the Evening Standard providing an update this week on the hippest, most happening artisanal flat white-touting pop-up foodie boutiques and bars this side of Shoreditch.

Attracted by the promise of a burger 'the size of my face', we popped over to Chinwag for a Man vs Food-esque Sunday lunch/gastro-challenge. Served up with a knowing wink, the burger was indeed massive (not as big as my face, but my face is unusually large, so I won't get Trading Standards involved) - probably the biggest I've encountered - perhaps too big, in fact, as I had to massacre it with a knife to create anything near bite-size portions.

Massive burger

Remains of massive burger

On the Official Wanky Hipster scale (which I will shortly invent), Chinwag was just on the right side of quirky. The phone-box entrance and lightbulb-taps are fun rather than cringey, and our table-top was covered with an entertaining laminated page from a 1967 South London Press jobs section (Office Girl Needed - 16-19 only!).

Jobs for ladies in the past

The giganto-burger was a bargain at £6.99, and although they don't have an alcohol license yet (stand by for cocktails in tea-cups), Chinwag should do well right across the road from Goldsmiths. The breakfast looked amazing. And anything that replaces a Southern Fried Chicken gets 100 bonus points.

Just up the road is the unnervingly-named Birdie Num Nums, offering up something called 'chocolate-infused Quorn chilli') - which makes the Northerner inside me want to run and find the nearest Wetherspoons, grab a damp microwaved pie and hide in the stale-smelling shadows within. But maybe next weekend I'll get my Quorn on and give it a whirl.

Birdie Num Nums - actually a real place.

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