Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Elf the Musical - cancel Christmas.

Twitter (well my Twitter, and I work in arts marketing) is all a'flutter with rants about Elf: The Musical and its distinctly Scrooge-like pricing structure - top prices are a rather unfestive £240 including a £15 booking fee - enough to make anyone choke on their turkey.

So, in theory, a family of four is paying nigh-on a grand to see Kimberly 'her out of Girls Aloud I think' Walsh warble her way through some festive tunes based on the 'hit' movie.

These are, admittedly, the so-called 'premium' seats and those sold as part of experience packages, but even the cheapest of the cheap seats don't come in much better at £52.

There's a simple way to avoid paying these prices - don't. The producers will learn soon enough that nobody's buying their ridiculous tickets, and discounts will magically appear. This is what always happens - I think the only big musicals that I haven't seen discounting in the last year are Beautiful and Gypsy: high-quality shows with excellent notices in small-ish theatres (not Elf's home, the Dominion, which seats over 2000).

I predict the following timeline:

October offer: free 'glass of fizz' with top price tickets.
November offer: kids go free.
December offer: best available for £25 tops.
On the day: Turn up with £15 and you're in.

Mark my words. Now hand me the cranberry sauce.

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